I discovered the single Katerine - Ajo Technology in deezer. I have a hi-fi subscription in Poland and I use deemix to download tracks. Unfortunately this album is blocked in my country. It is not blocked in e.g. Russia.
Does anyone have a hi-fi account in the following countries and could download this album for me? I'd be really grateful. Below is a link to the song. You should go to deemix, link analyzer, then paste the link to the song, click on the name of the album and under the table with songs click download album. The album has 16 tracks.
Link for one of song in album

🇦🇲 - [AM] Armenia
🇦🇿 - [AZ] Azerbaijan
🇧🇾 - [BY] Belarus
🇬🇪 - [GE] Georgia
🇰🇬 - [KG] Kyrgyzstan
🇰🇿 - [KZ] Kazakhstan
🇲🇩 - [MD] Moldova, Republic of
🇷🇺 - [RU] Russian Federation
🇹🇯 - [TJ] Tajikistan
🇹🇲 - [TM] Turkmenistan
🇺🇦 - [UA] Ukraine
🇺🇿 - [UZ] Uzbekistan
I'll also upload something from myself, because I haven't been here for a long time, but unfortunately I didn't have much time.